Difference between almost loaded and fully loaded is a whole lot of Your money

It’s hard to judge wood density and weight visually. Why leave it up to guesswork? Our loads are our income. If we can measure our loads, we can define our profit. Having the most accurate and reliable scale ensures that your business is both efficient and profitable.


Key Performance Indicators

Our Value

Our greatest value is in helping loggers shift their key metric of success from number of loads per week to total tons moved per week. If you can measure it, you can change it.

The average increase in weekly pay from accurately maximizing your trucks loads
Maxi-Load Scale accurate within 1% of mill scales
Any company producing 25 loads/week or more will see great returns with a Maxi-Load scale
The top 10% of each load is your profit zone

The Top 10% of Each Load Is Your Decision Zone

This is the zone the decision to stop loading is made. You can do one of the following:

Guess at the total weight of your trucks load -- Risk penalties for over loads and lost profit for light loads

Measure the total weight of your truck, in real time, and maximize your time and profit

Stop Guessing: Calculate How Much Light Loads Cost You

You'll need a copy of a recent weekly settlement sheet.

Live Load Calculation: Fill out all fields and press enter/return.


Heavy Duty and Built To Last

Maxi-Load scales have a proven track record for durability, accuracy, and trouble free operation. Our original scale built in 1996 is still on a logging site weighing trucks all day, every day.

Calibration is stable. It is rarely changed. - but if needed, we can do it over the phone with the loader operator never leaving the cab of the loader.

You can work within 1% of the Mill scale.

Extensive Testing

If you can work there - we can weigh it there

The original Maxi-Load scale was born on a Swamp Logging Job - It's still working today.

Our scales are fully tested and calibrated before they are painted. We test in over 50 flat, tilted, and twisted positions with a fully loaded tandem trailer. We are ready to work "out of the box" when delivered.

Turnkey Solution

Turnkey Scale Solution

Everything you need to weigh every truck you load going forward is included in your purchase: 

  • 2 year solid warranty
  • Delivery to your job site - coordinated with your schedule
  • Installation and training - with minimal impact on your production
  • Outstanding customer service

Getting set up with a Maxi-Load scale is Straight Forward and Easy

Purchase From Major Forestry Equipment Suppliers

We have long standing relationships with all of them. Pick the one you like to work with. Ask them to call us. They handle the money process, we will take care of you!


Delivered directly to your job site and installed by Maxi-Load factory personnel.

Onsite Training

On-site training for you and your loader operator is part of the delivery process. We strive to see you accurately weighing your trucks quickly.

You Are Now Set to Maximize Your Loads

Our product is durable and easy to operate. Our delivery is turnkey. You are now ready to weigh every truck you load going forward.

Customer Service

Technical support and operational questions - Our phones are answered 24/7 for the life of your scale.