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About Us

Maxi-Load was founded in 1996 by Ken Murray,  a 

     Ken Murray, a South Georgia Swamp Logger and co-owner of Murray Logging Co. built our first scale in 1996.  There was no intention at that time to build and sell truck scales.  The focus was on controlling our own truck weights.  Ken knew that durability, reliability, accuracy and trouble free operations were the main items we needed.  Maintenance is a major part of Swamp Logging.  Building a cheap scale was never a consideration.  We needed tools we could work with and not have to work on.  That mind set was the foundation of the "Maxi-Load Scale" that we build, sell, deliver and install today.  Word spread quickly and in 1998 Maxi-Load Scale Systems, Inc. was established and fabricating scales in it's own facility.  The early model scales were 16 feet long, 9 feet wide, 12inches high and weighed over 8000lbs.  300 of these units were built.  Most are still in operation.  The very first scale we built in 1996 still weighs trucks today.  All day, every day.  In 2004 we changed our design to a more popular scale 10.5 feet long, 9 feet wide, and 7.5 inches high.  This is the same basic configuration we build today.  Over 500 of these units are operating throughout the Southeastern United States.

     Maxi-Load is located in Brunswick, Ga.. We are a small crew of very talented welders and scale technicians.  Each scale is built individually, tested in over 50 flat, tilted, and twisted positions with a fully loaded tandem trailer axle prior to painting.  Every scale is fully tested and calibrated when it leaves our facility.  It is ready to work.  Maxi-Load scales are sold as a turn key package with a 2 year warranty.  Everything you need to weigh your trucks is included. Our scales can be purchased from any of the Major Forestry Equipment Suppliers.   They are always delivered to your jobsite and installed by Maxi-Load personnel.  Training of the new owner and/or his loader operator is part of the delivery package.  Give us two hours on your jobsite and for a reasonable price we can equip you with a turn key package that will weigh every truck you load going forward.  GIVE US A CALL: 877-265-1486

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