Maximize Your Pay for All Your Loads

Heavy duty portable scales -  maximize every load every day

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Portable Heavy Duty Platform Scale For Loggers

Maxi-Load is an industry-leading supplier and service support provider of heavy-duty truck weighing scales. Since 1996, Maxi Load has been providing the highest level of weighing scales and support to our customers. Maxi Load’s scales are designed to be the most durable, versatile, and accurate scales on the market today.

Portable Heavy Duty Portable Scale For Loggers

Maxi-Load is a provider of heavy-duty portable platform scales. Since 1996, Maxi-Load has been providing an accurate, durable, and trouble-free all-terrain portable scale.

Confidently Maximize your payload


Eliminate Light Loads

These can easily amount to $1000 a week

Eliminate Mill Penalties

These can be significant in time and money

Eliminate DOT Weight Fines

How Much Are Light Loads Costing You Each Week?

The difference between almost loaded and fully loaded is a whole lot of your money

  • Are light loads costing you money?

  • Could you be making more money for the same amount of work?

Outfits Using Maxi-Load Scales

Ussery Timber
Hazelhurst, GA
Timbermaxx Logging
Hillard, FL
Snowtimber Company
Ohatchee, AL
Cutshall & Sons Logging Co.
Iuka, MS