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How it Works 

To get an Accurate Weight on your Truck we need 3 things


  1. The loaded weight of the Steer Axle (You only need to weigh it once. It changes very little)

  2. The loaded weight of the Trucks Tandem Axles

  3. The loaded weight of the Trailers Tandem Axles

3 Simple Steps
our scale monitor is automatic

We number our trucks, weigh the loaded steer axle on each truck one time and store that weight by each truck's number.  When the loader operator sees a truck coming in he does the following.

  1. Selects the truck # for the incoming truck &         presses "ENTER" (this sets the steer axle weight)

  2. Loads to a target weight with Drive Axles on the scale  & presses "ENTER"

  3. Pulls Trailer Axles onto scale & presses "ENTER" The monitor automatically displays the Total Weight of the Truck

Loading Truck on scale Jpg.jpg
Weighing Trailer Axle jpg.jpg

Recording the Axle Weights

In the Above Photo - Load the Drive Axles to your target weight & Press "ENTER"

In the Photo to the Left - Pull Forward to Place Trailer Axle on Scale & Press "ENTER"

The MAXI-LOAD scale monitor will automatically display the TOTAL WEIGHT OF TRUCK


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